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Microsoft Assessment Platform 7.0 & VDI

The Microsoft Assessment Platform has been with us for some time now and has gone through some major upgrades in its features over the years.

Paul Gregory | 24 July 2012

The Microsoft Assessment Platform has been with us for some time now and has gone through some major upgrades in its features over the years.

Most people are unaware that MAP 7.0 the free of charge solution accelerator can do so many things.  MAP 7.0 just added the following assessments:

  • Plan your deployment of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 with hardware and infrastructure readiness assessments
  • Size your desktop virtualization needs for both Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and session-based virtualization using Remote Desktop Services
  • Ready your information platform for the cloud with SQL Server 2012
  • Virtualize your existing Linux servers onto Hyper-V
  • Identify opportunities to lower your virtualization costs with Hyper-V using the VMware migration assessment

On top of all this MAP can perform full software and hardware inventory of Windows and Linux systems, provide migration capabilities to migrate from MySQL, Oracle or Sybase to SQL Server.  Assessment reports to Migrate from VMware to Hyper-V, and software usage reports for your estate.  MAP is completely agentless so does not require software to be deployed onto the systems that need to be monitored.

As VDI assessment is one of the new features I thought I would produce a simple video demonstrating the VDI assessment parts of MAP 7.0 The MAP toolkit can be downloaded from here.

QA Training | Paul Gregory

Paul Gregory

Head of Microsoft Infrastructure

A Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1995, Paul has worked both for and with some of the world's leading IT Services organisations – including Unisys, Dell and Microsoft during the Microsoft Windows (TAP) Technology Adoption Programme. Paul specializes in delivering training around the Windows Operating system as well infrastructure and management solutions around System Center going right back to SMS 1.0. Paul is a frequent visitor to Microsoft's Global Headquarters in Seattle to attend early product workshops and for many years has delivered training courses around the world on behalf of Microsoft. In addition to being actively involved in Microsoft's Windows TAP programme, Paul has recently delivered both Microsoft's Private Cloud 2012 readiness training to partners in the UK and was a member of the Microsoft global training team delivering Windows Server 2012 early adopter training. During recent years Microsoft has requested Paul to deliver System Center training at both Redmond and The South American head office to Microsoft Partners.
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