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Michael Burgess

Michael Burgess

Principal Technologist for Machine Learning

Michael began programming as a young child, and after freelancing as a teenager, he joined and ran a web start-up during university. Around studying physics and after graduating, he worked as an IT contractor: first in telecoms in 2011 on a cloud digital transformation project; then variously as an interim CTO, Technical Project Manager, Technical Architect and Developer for agile start-ups and multinationals. His academic work on Machine Learning and Quantum Computation furthered an interest he now pursues as QA's Principal Technologist for Machine Learning. Joining QA in 2015, he authors and teaches programmes on computer science, mathematics and artificial intelligence. He co-owns QA's Data Science and Machine Learning curriculum with his colleague Lianheng Tong. His areas of expertise include: Data Science and Machine Learning; Programming; Data and Big Data Tools; Agile; Project Lifecycles.

Leading Digital Transformations

Developing Skills and Capabilities for the Future: What does a Data Scientist do and how will they rule the business world

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Leading Digital Transformations

Why you should be using Data Science, AI and Machine Learning

This article looks at how highly trained and motivated Data Scientists are critical in helping businesses become the 'Organisation of the Future'. #newrules #futureproof #SkillsfortheDigitalAge Read the full article

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