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Max Vetter

Cyber Security Trainer

Max Vetter joined QA in 2014 as a Cyber Security Training Consultant. Max holds a BSc in Astrophysics and two MSc’s in Communication Systems and Signal Processing and Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism. Max worked with the Metropolitan Police Service and in the private sector for 10 years as an Intelligence Analyst, Covert Internet Investigator and trainer in Open Source Intelligence. Max is a Certified EC Council Instructor in Ethical Hacking and is a subject matter expert. on Open Source Intelligence, Covert Internet Investigations, the Dark Web, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Threats, Cryptocurrencies and Encryption.

Cyber Security: Protect yourself from the Dark Web

Sale online: Cheap Guns!

For 19 year old Liam Lyburd buying a Glock semi-automatic pistol on the Dark Web was as easy “as buying chocolate”. So what exactly is the Dark Web, how is it used and how can you protect yourself from it? Read the full article

Cyber Security protecting your data

Protecting your online footprint

With companies like Facebook and Google knowing more and more about you, isn't it time to understand a bit more about where the data goes and what it is used for? Read the full article


TalkTalk Hack

Now the dust has settled from the TalkTalk hack, what can be learnt to help other companies prevent a similar situation? Read the full article


TalkTalk hit again with cyber attack

Last week’s cyber attack on TalkTalk underlines the fact that cyber crime is a clear and present danger to all businesses. Read the full article

Ashley Madison

Lessons from the Ashley Madison hack

This episode shows the power that a motivated and advanced hacker group can have over the future of a company. No matter what happens to Ashley Madison, there will be even bigger hacks in the future exposing more user data. Read the full article


Open Source Intelligence Techniques and the Dark Web

We all know and use the surface web, but did you know that this is only 4% of the internet itself? Max Vetter discusses what businesses should be doing to minimize Cyber Security threats through the Dark Web. Read the full article

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