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Mark Amory

Cyber Training Delivery Manager

After leaving a career as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer in 1998, Mark started out with a fresh career as an IT trainer. Spending the first few years as an applications trainer, Mark excelled in delivering Microsoft Office and Adobe products. In-line with his background as an Engineer, Mark soon shifted focus to more technical deliveries, including hardware and networking topics; a field he has remained in ever since. As a natural progression of his career saw Mark start to explore the security aspect of his existing competencies and since 2005 has specialised in the Cyber Security domain. Mark has been the author of a number of QA Cyber Security courses and was the design authority and author of the 2017 NCSC Cyber First Academy. Mark is a C|EH and is currently undergoing the process of becoming an NCSC Certified Cyber Professional.

Cyber Security training from QA

How random is random?

How random something is relies on more than just thinking of a number, it relies on a multitude of tiny, imperceptible variables produced by the natural world around us, and there are some really cool ways of collecting them. Read the full article

A day in the life of an Ethical Hacker

A day in the life of an Ethical Hacker

What does an ethical hacker do? It’s a vocation that is ever-changing, so you need to stay ahead of the game at all times. Read the full article


The ideal IT Security Analyst

Interested in what a job as a IT Security Analyst entails? Or what key skills a good candidate will hold? Take a look at what makes the ideal IT Security Analyst and the processes an organisation should adhere to. Read the full article

What time is it?

I'm asking this question because I'm interested in what device you used to tell the time... Read the full article

Fancy a slice of Pi?

Last Thursday was a day of anticipation for me, I knew I was to be taking delivery of my newest computer. Read the full article

Got a Password? It’s probably not very good....

I read a magazine article this week all about passwords and who want to get their hands on them, why they want them and the steps we could take to make their lives that bit more difficult. Read the full article

Security’s weakest link

The other week I was making my regular return journey from London back to Leeds and was in the half-asleep state post training course when I was jolted awake by the most annoying of alarms – Someone else’s mobile ring-tone... Read the full article

The UK Cookie Law debate – a storm in a teacup?

Let me start by saying that I will refrain from any further cookie-related puns such as “I prefer chocolate-chip ones” – They are old and tired and more than a little bit cringe-worthy. Besides, Chocolate digestives are much nicer in my view… So, what’s the deal with the new cookie law? Why is it causing such a reaction? Well, it depends on which side of the browser you sit really. Read the full article

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