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Javascript – The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language

With great pleasure I can announce the new Programming with Javascript course is completed. This four-day course takes you from novice to expert explaining not just how javascript works but why.

David Walker | 14 September 2012

With great pleasure I can announce the new Programming with Javascript course is completed. This four-day course takes you from novice to expert explaining not just how javascript works but why.

Is the title of a wonderful blog by Javascript legend Douglas Crockford  I agree with him entirely because three years ago, even though I had been using it for years I did not 'know' javascript.

If you know what:

  • Prototypes are for
  • Event listening are
  • Why Closures matter
  • How to build custom javascript objects
  • To validate using regular expressions
  • Why timers blow up in 
  • Why jQuery works

Then no need to read on other than to feel smug and knowledgeable. If you don't then come let us turn you into javascript Boffins!

Developing this course was one of my key professional aims this year and I can honestly say it's the best course I have ever written. If you were to examine any of our competitor's courses on javascript they all say the same thing, learn loops, learn function, validate a form.  I was not happy with this approach, and actually neither should you be.

Javascript is an amazingly flexible language, it can be used as a procedural language it can be made to follow an object orientated approach. It has deep hidden secrets and in our new Programing with Javascript QA helps you to discover them.

Javascript is often the unloved glue that holds web applications together but its relationship with the UI specialists and application developers is a tricky one.  I kept that in my mind as I wrote this course as did I a conversation with one of my very learned server programing colleagues who told me that he just didn't get javascript.

If you know PHP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC or any other set of web server programing languages and you don't know javascript then your skill set is incomplete, perilously so. In the MVC, AJAX and WebSocket driven future of web site design it's a skill you need.

At recent Micosoft seminar the presenter said this was going to be the most important language of the next decade and I completely agree with him. The huge question facing developers today is whether we you should think Android, iOS, Windows or… Javascript. I recently wrote that Windows 8 is going to allow us to write apps directly in Javascript and other products such as PhoneGap allow us to provide applications written in HTML, CSS and Javascript and deploy it to mobile. This ensures your application core is written in one language.

The new Programing with Javascript course takes the same methodology as our popular and successful C#, VB.NET, PHP and Python courses. It takes you from the beginning of the language towards ECMAScript 5 compliant code and leverages some of the newest language concepts.

On the course through DOM programming you will learn how to generate dynamic content to create image galleries, dialog boxes and user prompts. You will use the BOM to deal with real world issues such as EU cookie compliance.

Highlights of the course include:

  • Dealing with object-orientated code to create a reusable AJAX driven image gallery.
  • Learning how to implement closures and build a tabbing system.
  • Together we explore form validation and how to create a modular validation library that updates the UI and keeps the user informed.

Oh and we never, everever use an alert or eval function.

Best practice javascript from the bottom up for new programmers and old from QA:

Programming with Javascript


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