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James Aguilan

James Aguilan

Cyber Security Trainer

James has worked on many high complexity eDiscovery Projects and Forensic Investigations involving civil litigation, arbitration and criminal investigations for large corporation and international law firms across UK, US, Europe and Asia. James has assisted on many notable projects involving: one of the largest acquisition and merger case of all time – a deal worth $85 billion, multijurisdictional money laundering matter for Government bodies, and national cyber threat crisis including the more recent ransomware, phishing campaigns, and network intrusion. James has comprehensive knowledge of the eDiscovery lifecycle and forensic investigation procedures in both practise and theory with deep focus and interest in Forensic Preservation and Collection and Incident Response. In addition, He holds a first class bachelor’s degree in Computer Forensics and is accredited as an ACE FTK certified examiner.


Cryptocurrency Mining: Does the reward outweigh the cost?

QA Cyber Security Trainer, James Aguilan, looks at the practice of mining cryptocurrency. Read the full article


How do organisations demonstrate accountability for GDPR compliance?

QA Cyber Security Trainer, James Aguilan, outlines steps towards demonstrating compliance with the GDPR. Read the full article


Safeguarding your Digital Footprint

QA Cyber Security Trainer, James Aguilan, shares 6 tips that can help you safeguard your digital footprint. Read the full article

Mr Robot Elliot

Is Mr. Robot a good representation of real-life hacking and hacking culture?

QA Cyber Security Trainer, James Aguilan, looks at several scenarios featured in the hit US TV series Mr. Robot and how they may represent real-life hacking. Read the full article


Phishing Campaigns: Defending organisations against phishing

QA Cyber Security Trainer, James Aguilan, argues that understanding how to defend against phishing is of paramount importance for the confidentiality and integrity of data. Read the full article

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