International Women's Day

"Don't expect to be treated any differently from anyone else and you won't be disappointed".

In celebration of International Women's Day, we interviewed QA's Head of Office Applications to find out more about her professional achievements.
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Jane Atkinson-Weller | 8 March 2017

In celebration of International Women's Day, we interviewed a number of successful women at QA. We caught up with Jane Atkinson-Weller, QA's Head of Office Applications to find out more about her, her career journey and achievements. 


  • Please tell us a few words about yourself and your career.
    "I head up the Business Applications practice area for QA. I manage a team of 40 trainers spread across England and Scotland and I’m in charge of the curriculum for all of our end user courses, primarily Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Adobe. I am a trainer and training assessor and I also work with our clients on developing and delivering their training projects, often on bespoke applications."
  • What inspired you to choose your profession?
    "I’ve always loved computers since the days of playing with my brother on his Atari and ZX Spectrum! I was the only girl in my year at school to do a course in computing, and went on to gain a degree in graphic design, so I was using a range of software and hardware from an early age. I was made redundant from a job in printing and decided to combine a love of computers with an interest in coaching and helping people to learn, so became an IT trainer."
  • Have you experienced any challenges getting to where you are?
    "I’ve been very fortunate in that my career has followed an obvious development path. I went from being a junior trainer to senior trainer, as my knowledge and experience grew. As I learnt more about the skills of training, I then started assessing other trainers and delivering 'Train The Trainer' type courses. I then moved into a Principal Technologist role, communicating to the wider business and our clients about our curriculum. Then as the team of trainers grew took on a management role within it."
  • Has being a woman ever hindered your professional development?
    "Being a woman definitely hasn’t, but being a mother of two young children has provided challenges to my job, often in terms of logistics, but not to my professional development. I had a very understanding boss and following maternity leave, was able to come back to my job part-time, increasing my days as the children have grown up. It certainly also helps that I have a great team of trainers that I have worked with for a long time and can rely on to support me and each other. "
  • What advice would you give to other women aspiring to get into your profession and succeed professionally?
    "Don’t expect to be treated any differently from anyone else, good or bad, and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve walked into training sessions where all of my delegates have been men and read their body language and scepticism and seen it melt away as I deliver the session. Have confidence in yourself and your ability and don’t try to blag it, you may be found out!"
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  • QA Trainign | Jane Atkinson Weller

    Jane Atkinson-Weller

    Head of Office Applications

    Jane joined QA in 1998, training Microsoft Office and specialising in graphics, web design and project management software. Jane is a Microsoft Office Specialist in Office 97-2016, holds TAP and TPMA assessor certificates and is a Prince2 Practitioner. She is an award winning trainer coming second in the LPI’s Trainer of the Year. As Head of Business Applications, she leads a team of over 40 trainers and is responsible for developing and directing QA’s end user applications training. Working to develop new courses and course materials, she is a key contact for engaging in complex bespoke programmes. Jane also heads up QA’s Trainer Observation Programme (QTOP) working with QA trainers to assess and develop their delivery skills.