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How to create a Nested vSphere 5 Home Lab

For testing/learning purposes.

Andy Fox | 5 July 2012

How to create a nested vSphere lab environment for testing/learning purposes

Many students ask me how I prepare for the VMware exams.  Most of us of course read the product documentation, but playing with the product is also an important part in preparation.

Not all of us have access to an environment that we can use to "play", so many of us use a "nested" environment (i.e. virtualised).

I was intending to document what I had done, then found a REALLY useful blog site by Sammy Bogaert, which has the details.

So check out "Building the Ultimate vSphere Lab" on Sammy's blog site at boerlowie.wordpress.com


Andy Fox

Senior Learning Consultant

Andy has been a Consultant Instructor with QA for 10 years, and has 16 years IT Training experience. In his 25+ years in the IT industry he has gained experience working with Novell products and Microsoft from MS-DOS onwards. Since joining QA, his focus moved towards SuSE Linux where he gained CLP and CLE status. Over the past 4 years he has been engaged in the delivery of VMware vSphere training and has gained VCP, VCI and VCAP-DCA status.
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