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How do you update a NuGet package in Visual Studio 2012?

In this video and blog post, I am going to show you how simple it is to update a NuGet package in your project in Visual Studio 2012.

Phil Stirpe | 10 February 2013

In this video and blog post, I am going to show you how simple it is to update a NuGet package in your project in Visual Studio 2012.

This is the second in a brand new series of videos that I am producing for my new YouTube channel HowDoYouDoStuff . (A channel dedicated to short videos on how to do stuff.)

In this video, I show you how to update a NuGet package in Visual Studio 2012.

You can read the transcript here and find out about QA's Visual Studio courses here .


See you soon.

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Phil Stirpe

Head of Agile

Philip is a Microsoft Certified Trainer - MCT based in the North-West, and has been involved in software development and IT training for over 26 years. Philip is actively involved in vendor relationships. He has delivered Visual Studio, .NET, Silverlight, WPF and LIVE training courses on behalf of Microsoft worldwide and recently developed and delivered a wide portfolio of AWS training with Amazon Web Services. His areas of interest include Visual Studio, .NET, Amazon Web Services - AWS, Web Application Security, DevOps and Configuration Management, Scrum and Agile Software Development. Philip is currently involved in developing QA’s Agile curriculum across all of its practices as well as developing QA’s Configuration Management portfolio with courses in tools including Chef and Puppet. He is passionate about developing and delivering training that meets the needs of the client and exceeds their expectations. Philip has also pioneered various techniques and tools to help other trainers in QA to develop including the use of video and audio recording at QA in order to produce Train the Trainer material for each of his courses. In addition, he introduced a Bitesize programme where trainers deliver short briefings to colleagues after class in order to help share skills. Philip develops a great number of QA authored courses. Recent courses include ASPNET MVC, OWASP for Java, Puppet and Chef.
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