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Hello Citrix XenDesktop 7, we’ve been expecting you.

Rob Blincoe | 22 July 2013

As we discussed in my previous blog entry ‘Citrix XenApp R.I.P?’ the traditional XenApp IMA architecture no longer exists. XenDesktop 7 is not only the next revision of the Citrix XenDesktop model, but also the next version of Citrix XenApp, but do the features of XenDesktop 7 give us the full XenApp and XenDesktop experience?

Citrix XenDesktop 7 takes the virtualisation of applications and desktops to a whole new level. By combining established XenApp and XenDesktop technologies, together with StoreFront and Netscaler, I.T can strategically deliver resources to users internally, externally and mobile.

Surely the proof is in the experience the users receive? Does XenDesktop 7's features and functionality, enable users to still access Applications directly? YES. Can they still access Desktops directly? YES. Can users seamlessly integrate local and remote resources? YES. Can the benefit of being able to offer a range of desktops with different operating systems and applications address previous compatibility concerns? YES, YES, YES...

One of the biggest changes with Citrix XenDesktop 7 is the ability to host Server-based machines, as well as the traditional Desktop-based offerings. By installing the intelligent Virtual Delivery (notice no longer Desktop) Agent (VDA) onto a Windows 2008r2 or Server 2012 machine, XenDesktop 7 can offer the same image to multiple users simultaneously - no longer just the one-to-one relationship.

Other subtle but substantial changes in XenDesktop 7 include;

  • Citrix Receivers now connect via StoreFront, no longer Web Interface.
  • Citrix Profile Management and Personal Vdisks are included.
  • Citrix Director is massively expanded, displaying real-time and historic data, allowing trend tracking and profile management resets....to name just a few

So, if I.T decide to migrate to a Windows Server 2012 based platform then XenApp 6.5 is dead. Long Live XenDesktop 7.

Citrix XenDesktop 7 classes are currently available with QA in two early release offerings;
Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Early Release
Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Early Release

Rob Blincoe

Principal Technologist

Rob has been working for QA for 17 years and has 15 years of Citrix experience ranging from Xenapp to Xendesktop, Xenserver and all aspects of Citrix virtualisation. As a Principal Technologist he works closely with Citrix to develop new courses and exams. He participates in numerous steering committees and focus groups to help shape the curriculum and ensure that all QA Citrix Instructors are exposed to new technologies and best practice in IT, prior to their official releases. As virtualisation and Cloud technologies become more popular, Citrix and Appsense products are in a perfect position to assist companies in this exciting and sometimes challenging transition. Areas of expertise: Citrix, Appsense.
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