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First Bite of the Apple

As one of the fanboys who unwrapped his new iPad this weekend with geeky glee I am incredible happy and proud to announce that QA is now in the position to offer Apple development and training.

David Walker | 20 March 2012

As one of the fanboys who unwrapped his new iPad this weekend with geeky glee I am incredible happy and proud to announce that QA is now in the position to offer Apple development and training.

In a two pronged approach we will be offering iOS development training and Mac Administration courses for the organizations that will need to support Apple kit.

I remember with some glee the first time I unwrapped my iPhone and year later my iPad and thought this is about to change the world. With 25 billion apps downloaded from iTunes and more and more corporations looking at how to utilise Apple's technology in the workplace it was time for QA to step in.

From June QA will be delivering iOS development training. Our first course is a three day Objective C primer. As an experienced object orientated programmer I was slightly dumfounded by this powerful, but somewhat obtuse Apple development language. Taking a leaf from our successful and popular .NET development track we have separated the language from the API to ensure delegates understand the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the language. Over the three day course the delegates will learn how to create class based inheritance structures using XCode and complete the course creating their first iOS application.

Once that is under your belt we hit the good stuff and start building our iOS applications. Each delegate gets a 27" iMac, an iPod and iPad to develop with during the course. As they explore the core UI controls, connecting to data, including Amazon Services and explore the gyroscope, accelerometer and display mirroring.

It is our belief at QA that companies know they need to expand into and engage in this mobile space. We know it is a vast technological jungle out there of competing visions and emerging standards. Yet we recognize that for many of our clients growing out of the economic downturn this is the spring board to future growth and improved productivity. 

Like web server programming before it (hey remember when you outsourced all that!) the technology set and tools to develop are now mature enough to bring the skills inside your organization.

With an iBook Author course soon to follow and a Cocoa Desktop programming course in the pipeline QA is looking forward to assisting our clients through this demanding but essential space. QA can help you realise the potential of this technology and help you develop the skill set inhouse to engage in app development today.


David Walker

Head of Emerging Technologies

David is a change driven technologist who continually looks to adapt and expand his knowledge and understanding of his field. Over the least eighteen years David has led technology and training companies through emerging fields and technology trends helping them to understand the future and develop business opportunities. As Head of Emerging Technologies he works closely with customers and industry experts to ensure the opportunities and threats of new technology trends designing custom learning solutions to help small and enterprise organisation adapt and make the most of their people - ensuring QA is ready when our customers need to navigate the minefield of the fast moving digital landscape. His passion is in advanced web engineering principals and vendor neutral thick client design/development technologies reflected in his research, analysis and courseware development experience combined with his training delivery skills. As a technologist he is the lead instructor and syllabus author for web development technologies and specialising in Agile, DevOps, and User Experience driven approaches to developing solutions. He has authored courses such as HTML5, Responsive Web Development, User Experience, NodeJS, Javascript and jQuery.
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