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Essential Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

In this article we list some of the top Microsoft Excel shortcuts you should know, helping you navigate Excel more easily.

Julie Hickson | 1 December 2015

Microsoft excel

Essential Excel Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

Keyboard shortcuts can really improve your productivity for frequent users of Microsoft Excel. This article runs through some of the top Excel keyboard shortcuts you should know, helping you navigate Excel more quickly and saving you time.

  1. Control+Down/Up Arrow

    Moves to the top or bottom cell of the current column.

  2. Control+Left/Right Arrow

    Moves the cell furthest left or right in the current row.

  3. Control+Shift+Down/Up Arrow

    Selects all cells containing data above or below the current cell.

  4. Control+Shift+Left/Right Arrow

    Selects all cells containing data to the left or right of the current cell.

  5. Control+Shift+8 or Control+*

    Selects all cells in a range

  6. Shift+F11

    Creates a new blank worksheet within your workbook.

  7. F2+=

    Opens the cell for editing in the formula bar.

  8. Control+Home

    Navigates to cell A1

  9. Control+End

    Navigates to the last cell which has been used.

  10. Alt+=

    Autosums the cells above the current cell

  11. Control+Shift+=

    Insert a row or column

  12. Control+-

    Delete a row or column

  13. Control+;

    Insert the current date

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