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David Walker

Head of Emerging Technologies

David is a change driven technologist who continually looks to adapt and expand his knowledge and understanding of his field. Over the least eighteen years David has led technology and training companies through emerging fields and technology trends helping them to understand the future and develop business opportunities. As Head of Emerging Technologies he works closely with customers and industry experts to ensure the opportunities and threats of new technology trends designing custom learning solutions to help small and enterprise organisation adapt and make the most of their people - ensuring QA is ready when our customers need to navigate the minefield of the fast moving digital landscape. His passion is in advanced web engineering principals and vendor neutral thick client design/development technologies reflected in his research, analysis and courseware development experience combined with his training delivery skills. As a technologist he is the lead instructor and syllabus author for web development technologies and specialising in Agile, DevOps, and User Experience driven approaches to developing solutions. He has authored courses such as HTML5, Responsive Web Development, User Experience, NodeJS, Javascript and jQuery.

Leading Digital Transformations

Digital Transformation – A Key Role for Project Managers

Digital Transformation represents a seismic shift in the way technology is viewed in business, and Project Managers play a vital role. Read the full article

Web Developer training

T Shaped Developers are the new normal

Work like a ninja! With a little training and development you can utilise your web developers in house. Read the full article

The week in review – Feb 22nd 2013

I read a LOT of tech blocks daily, infact Chrome moans that I’m about to open 20 tabs as I sit down with my coffee in the morning and figure out what is new and exciting. Over this week and for every week now on i will be letting you know what interesting, important or amusing facts I have found this week Read the full article

The world is going mobile – so should you

We are increasingly becoming a mobile society, where our mobile devices enable us to better connect, communicate, share knowledge, and get stuff done. Ofcom report that smartphones have a 58% penetration within the UK market, tablets have a 19% reach. Read the full article

The Mobile web is responsive

For the last decade web UI development has been a medium for desktops and laptops. Bandwidth and monitor resolutions fitted within a set tolerance and users interacted through mouse and keyboard. With this rise of handheld devices the rules of web design and development needs to change. Read the full article

webP – a new way of doing web images

GIF, PNG & JPG have been the stalwarts of web graphics for the last decade. Google would like you to consider something new, the WebP format. Read the full article

Hello IE10, we’ve been expecting you!

The launch of Windows 8 saw the arrival of Internet Explorer 10 and with it the true dawn of the HTML5 age. With Microsoft’s excellent implementation of the core HTML5 and CSS3 functionality we have arrived at a point in web development where the current release of every major web browser is HTML5 ready. Read the full article

Javascript – The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language

With great pleasure I can announce the new Programming with Javascript course is completed. This four-day course takes you from novice to expert explaining not just how javascript works but why. Read the full article

The revolution is WPF and HTML5

One of the most astounding things about the .NET platform when it was released over a decade ago was that as a developer you could use different languages, be that VB or C#. It was pretty revolutionary. Now Java or C++ come use the ECMA compliant C# environment. Long time MS developer using our own VB, have a pop at VB.NET. Windows 8 offers an equally revolutionary approach. Read the full article

The revolution starts with live tiles

Windows 8 is just about here and I don’t get why Microsoft aren’t shouting it from the rooftops because Windows 8 is amazing. It is incredibly daring and bold that stuffy old Microsoft has decided to do something unthinkable: change the way we have used windows since the early 1990s! Read the full article

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