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Weaponising GDPR

QA Cyber Training Delivery Manager, Mark Amory, discusses how GDPR regulations can make data breaches a valuable weapon to damage competitors.

Mark Amory | 19 September 2018

A few months ago, you couldn't turn on the TV or open a browser tab without seeing something relating to GDPR. Now that it's finally here, the press seems to have forgotten all about it.

That is of course, until the first really big law case hits…

In recent months, we have seen numerous attacks against some high-profile targets, for example:

  • British Airways
  • Superdrug
  • T-Mobile
  • Telefonica
  • TimeHop
  • Ticketmaster


Whilst the damage these attacks have caused to those involved is pretty much known about – GDPR states that you have 72 hours to notify all those affected of a breach; what is yet to be disclosed are the financial penalties imposed by the ICO (The Information Commissioners Office) – the body responsible for upholding GDPR in the UK.

Under the GDPR legislation, fines for serious breaches of personal data can stretch to €20 Million or 4% of global turnover.

For these companies hit since 25th May 2018, this could be quite a considerable dent to their profits, and as such their long-term financial stability.

How many attacks will we see where the ultimate motive for the breach will not be anything to do with the data obtained, but to see the company hit with huge financial penalties, or to see the reputation of the company destroyed?

Could GDPR be the perfect weapon for your competitors?

QA have a range of cyber security and GDPR training courses that will enable you to comply with the new legislation, but also prepare your company for the worst.

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Mark Amory

Cyber Training Delivery Manager

After leaving a career as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer in 1998, Mark started out with a fresh career as an IT trainer. Spending the first few years as an applications trainer, Mark excelled in delivering Microsoft Office and Adobe products. In-line with his background as an Engineer, Mark soon shifted focus to more technical deliveries, including hardware and networking topics; a field he has remained in ever since. As a natural progression of his career saw Mark start to explore the security aspect of his existing competencies and since 2005 has specialised in the Cyber Security domain. Mark has been the author of a number of QA Cyber Security courses and was the design authority and author of the 2017 NCSC Cyber First Academy. Mark is a C|EH and is currently undergoing the process of becoming an NCSC Certified Cyber Professional.
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