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Consumerisation of IT – are you doing it?

For almost a year QA has been delivering business and technical decision maker level education on Consumerisation of IT and because of this I thought it was time I spoke more loudly.

Paul Gregory | 30 May 2012

For almost a year QA has been delivering business and technical decision maker level education on Consumerisation of IT and because of this I thought it was time I spoke more loudly.

One of the funniest things I hear, is people on my course when they say "we do not allow CoIT today but we are looking at it..." 
I then respond with questions along the lines of "Do your employees use their own phones for work email or text? How do you stop employees taking your enterprise data out of the building to work on from home? Do you provide web based email?" 
I have quite a few more but I will not bore you but rarely (only for the most security focused customers) do I come across scenarios where all these issues have been addressed and effectively banned or blocked. 

The reality is no matter how small, if an employee is using non-company owned/controlled technology to access company systems then that is the start of CoIT.  Because of this once the cat is out the bag you are not getting back in, and with iPads, Android tablets and Windows 8 Slates coming on strong then employee demands will just be getting stronger and louder.

One of the funniest things in the industry over the last few years for me has been Virtual Desktop Infrastructure; it has almost been a solution looking for a problem and CoIT is possibly the big problem.  As we start to enable CoIT there are many concerns around security, access control, device compatibility, application compatbility and the list goes on.  This is where VDI steps in.  By providing a VDI, all data can be kept in the Datacenter, security dealt with. By providing a VDI, users connect remotely to workstations and there are clients for every device for all remote connectivity solutions, device and application compatibility dealt with.  By providing a VDI all access control is managed by authentication services in the Datacenter, access control dealt with, I am sure you can see where I am going with this.

CoIT is coming are you ready?

As mention we do have some CoIT courses and I have posted some YouTube videos here demonstrating CoIT using the infrastructure products listed below.

Products used in videos
Windows Server 2008R2
Windows Server 2008R2 Remote Desktop Services
Hyper-V R2
System Center Configuration Manager 2012
Windows 7

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Paul Gregory

Head of Microsoft Infrastructure

A Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1995, Paul has worked both for and with some of the world's leading IT Services organisations – including Unisys, Dell and Microsoft during the Microsoft Windows (TAP) Technology Adoption Programme. Paul specializes in delivering training around the Windows Operating system as well infrastructure and management solutions around System Center going right back to SMS 1.0. Paul is a frequent visitor to Microsoft's Global Headquarters in Seattle to attend early product workshops and for many years has delivered training courses around the world on behalf of Microsoft. In addition to being actively involved in Microsoft's Windows TAP programme, Paul has recently delivered both Microsoft's Private Cloud 2012 readiness training to partners in the UK and was a member of the Microsoft global training team delivering Windows Server 2012 early adopter training. During recent years Microsoft has requested Paul to deliver System Center training at both Redmond and The South American head office to Microsoft Partners.
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