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"The course really helped me to implement Agile projects"

Read the thoughts of a recent QA competition winner on their training with QA and how it has helped them professionally.

QA | 7 July 2016

Recent QA competition winner Colleen Cusworth chose the APMG Agile Project Management Foundation and Practitioner course as her free prize. We caught up with her to find out more about her training experience with QA.


Colleen Cusworth

  1. Hi Colleen. Please tell us a few words about yourself, what job you do, how long you have been in your profession, and anything else you think would be worth mentioning.

    "I have worked in publishing for over ten years. I am a project manager at Oxford University Press, managing IT and business process change."
  2. What course did you attend and why did you choose it?

    "Having already gained PRINCE2© and APMP certification, I was looking for another course that would benefit me professionally and personally. After consulting several of my colleagues, the strong favourite was an Agile course: it's becoming ever more popular in the workplace, particularly in IT projects, and those that had attended it had thoroughly recommended it. I also opted for the 'Attend Anywhere' option, as I was paying for the excess and couldn't afford daily return tickets or accommodation in London."
  3. How did you find the course? What did you like or not like? Was there anything that stood out in particular?

    "As expected, I found the course really useful and interesting. I felt I also benefited from having already done PRINCE2© and so was able to anchor a lot of the learning and terminology to what I already knew. In terms of location, I did feel a little isolated in attending the course remotely although the group made a good effort to keep me and the other remote attendee involved, and I did appreciate being able to do the exam online via ProctorU and get my results immediately instead of suffering a 2-week wait."
  4. How has the course benefited you professionally?

    "The course has really helped me, not just in being another string to my bow, but I'm always looking for opportunities to implement Agile or components thereof on the projects that come my way. With so many projects failing to complete on time or budget, it has helped me to look at things a different way and see scope as a moveable feast instead. It's also helped me be clearer about the level of engagement and commitment I want from the business: having business representatives in the team who are empowered to make decisions and have the time to commit – it seems obvious and yet so crucial to successful project delivery."
  5. Are you looking at doing any other training in the future? If so, what.

    "I think my next round of training will likely be Change Management, but I need to save up the pennies first."



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