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Cloud first, Cloud only or Cloud never?

“It has taken over a decade of promise, but the Cloud has finally made an enormous leap in the minds of those deciding where the future of their infrastructure lies.”
The latest research paper contains some unique insights from high-ranking IT decisions makers into the scale of the growth.

QA | 11 October 2016

Are you thinking of moving your business to the cloud? Have you decided on public, private or a hybrid solution? Do you even know which one platform would be best for your business? Are you concerned with the data security aspects of moving to the cloud? Is the cost holding you back for adoption?

The meteoric rate of growth in the use of cloud, along with the sheer number of services which now depend on it, mean that cloud has moved from being used selectively for only non-critical applications and workloads to being a mainstream proposition for organisations of all sizes.

Research has been undertaken by Computing to understand the growth in the market for cloud and the degree to which the cloud has grown in importance to data centre and infrastructure. The review contained some unique insights from high-ranking IT decisions makers in to the scale of the growth.

The research project includes in-depth interviews with IT and business decision makers, focus group discussions of senior technical employees, a nationwide survey and interviews with key thought leaders and companies.

Cloud research paper statistics

Key highlights include:

  • 77% of those surveyed were using cloud services to some extent and a further 10% are trialling it
  • A huge 75% of survey respondents expected their use of cloud services to increase in the next year
  • Of those already using the cloud, they expected their use to increase even more!
  • 20% were pursuing a 'cloud first' strategy. By 2019 this is expected to increase to 40%
  • Security is a main concern for 45% of those surveyed

  • And here are some insights from respondents of the research.

    "It's actually my first port of call now, to see if there's a cloud solution...Maintenance and procedures, back-up, storage and licensing and all that good stuff is commodity" Head of IT, Healthcare"
    "A cloud-first strategy makes an organisation more agile and able to deal with peaks and troughs" Head of IT, Museum

    There is definitely a momentum for the move to the cloud. The attitude to the cloud amongst the respondents has changed from reluctance to acceptance and often enthusiastic adoption.

    Download the latest report to understand more about cloud adoption, cloud strategies businesses are adopting, the concerns they have and more.

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