8 key benefits of having a PRINCE2 certification

Benefits of PRINCE2 project management training

In this article we discuss 8 key benefits of having a PRINCE2 certification.

Ian Clarkson | 17 February 2016

In an earlier blog, we discussed the benefits of earning a Project Management certification. So you've decided that you do want to pursue a career in project management but how do you know which qualification to take? There are a few to choose from and in this blog we discuss the benefits of one of the more popular certifications, PRINCE2:

  1. Tried, tested and trusted: PRINCE2 benefits from over 25 years development. Created by experts, it has its roots in industry.
  2. Robust framework: PRINCE2 can be applied to any type of project within any industry sector, whatever the complexity, geography or culture. It provides a solid framework for managing projects and is widely recognised both in the UK and internationally. The latest 2016 Arras People Management Benchmark Report surveyed PPM Practitioners and confirmed that PRINCE2 is the most popular framework, with 63% of respondents having a PRINCE2 accreditation.
  3. Stand out from the crowd: PRINCE2 is highly regarded and sought after by employers, improving your employment prospects and helping you do your job more effectively.
  4. Effective communication: The method provides a common language for everyone involved in a project, leading to effective and efficient communication.
  5. Clear roles and responsibilities: There is a defined structure of accountability, delegation, authority and communication. All parties involved in the project clearly understand each other’s roles and responsibilities.
  6. Effective planning: PRINCE2 is a step-by-step method. Projects are divided into manageable ‘chunks’, ensuring more effective planning. In addition, there are key review points throughout the project that ensures the project remains on track to deliver on the objectives.
  7. Keep on track: PRINCE2 provides the framework for regular reviews against plan, business case and risks.
  8. Effective use of resources: There is key stakeholder involvement in decision making and project progress but only at key times, reducing the risk of 'executive meddling'.
If you have decided to take a PRINCE2 qualification, we offer a range of courses including Foundation and Practitioner, to help get you PRINCE2 certified.

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