Course Update: AWS Architecting

Course Update: Architecting on AWS

The Architecting on AWS course has been rewritten. This new course looks to focus on a best practices, design patterns, and core architectural issues such as scalability, cost, reliability and availability.

QA | 18 July 2016

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In this blog, the second in my short series exploring changes to the AWS curriculum, I’ll take a look at the completely rewritten Architecting on AWS course. 

This is a three-day course targeted at solution architects, discussing best practices and design patterns for building IT infrastructure on the AWS cloud. As a prerequisite, delegates are expected to have attended the one-day AWS Technical Essentials course (see the previous blog in this series), or have equivalent knowledge. If you aren’t sure whether you meet the prerequisites, try the knowledge check, which is linked to from our course outline.

Why rewrite the Architecting course? Since the newly-updated Technical Essentials course goes into a lot more depth about core AWS services, the new Architecting course doesn’t need to cover so much basic content. This means we have much more time to spend on best practices, design patterns, and core architectural issues such as scalability, cost, reliability and availability.

As usual, I’d like to add more detail to the course outline – and, as usual, please be aware that AWS frequently release new versions of courseware, each delivery is different, and this blog will surely be outdated after a while. Please don’t treat these details as contractual – contact us if you want to know more. That said, the course goes like this:

Day One:

- We review the core knowledge from the Technical Essentials course and work through a hands-on lab to construct the infrastructure for a web application, using IAM, EC2, DynamoDB, S3 and VPC.

- We discuss designing your environment, and best practices around working with multiple AZs, multiple VPCs and multiple accounts.

- Then on to high availability and fault tolerance, looking at ELB and Route 53 and the needs of hybrid environments. This section ends with a lab in which we deploy a highly available web application.

Day Two:

- We begin with a group discussion about migrating an application.

- Then we work on event-driven scaling, including more complex scaling requirements. This section ends with a lab in which we wire a Lambda function into the auto-scaling event cycle.

- We discuss automation and Infrastructure as Code, using CloudFormation and other automation services.

- We discuss loosely coupled applications and decoupling your infrastructure, microservices and serverless architectures.

- Finally we cover storage at web scale, using S3 and CloudFront. We finish with a lab in which delegates implement a serverless architecture, followed by a group discussion in which delegates improve an infrastructure using the concepts discussed so far.

Day Three:

- This day is mostly given over to the Well-Architected Framework. We discuss in detail the four pillars of the framework (Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimisation), providing many best practices and design patterns along the way. There is also a lab in which delegates implement multi-region failover using Route 53.

- There is a short Troubleshooting module covering common scenarios.

- Finally, the delegates review some sample architectures.

This is a major change to the Architecting on AWS course, and the updates have made the content broader and deeper, more challenging and more relevant to the needs of solution architects working with the AWS platform. If you’re interested in learning more about this or any other AWS course, please give us a call.

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