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Alina Swietochowska

Principal Technologist

Alina is an authority on UNIX and Linux systems. She is responsible for the development and management of QA’s multi-vendor UNIX and generic Linux training portfolio, writes white papers on the subject and delivers training at all levels. Alina works closely with clients to develop customised UNIX and Linux training solutions for their employees. She also supports organisations that are going through process of consolidation and UNIX/Linux integration. Alina is a Senior Member of the Institute of IT Training. She is also a Member of BCS and a PPL(A) holder. Alina’s professional certifications include Novell CLP 10, CompTIA CTT+, CompTIA Linux +, Sair Linux/GNU CP and LPIC.

Automating VM guest installation

Our UNIX and Linux courses are deployed automatically, using a Ubuntu PXE boot server (setup with tftpd, dhcpd and lighttpd and some scripting). However, for a particular event, I needed to install CentOS into VM rather than directly dropping it onto the hardware. Read the full article

LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

The demand for command line-driven Linux training has always been strongest at the entry point level, where IT professionals realise that GUI applications, whilst adequate for end-user work, are not sufficiently powerful or efficient for server administration or development work. Read the full article

Latest Linux Portfolio

Following the footsteps of his big brother UNIX, Linux has been quietly and steadily increasing its market share. At 20, Linux is no longer a baby. Initially earmarked for server environments, Linux has been taking desktop and mobile markets by surprise, by responding to technology advances promptly and successfully. Read the full article

New for security (Linux) offering

Apparently, there can never be too much said about computer security, and so we thought we’d chip in, constructively. The best manner for us, is to offer a new course – this time, one that focuses on handling various security techniques in Linux. Read the full article

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