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Adrian Jakeman

Head of IT Training

Adrian has worked in the IT and education industries for the past 25 years and joined QA in 2006 with a focus on the development and delivery of training around Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server and the software development lifecycle. Still to be found in the classroom delivering training around Application Lifecycle Management, he is also responsible for the day-to-day management of QA’s IT curriculum. He has particular focus on the quality, breadth, depth and relevance of both vendor-produced courses and the extensive QA-authored portfolio. Areas of expertise: Teaching and learning effectiveness, Application Lifecycle Management, Cloud computing, Team Foundation Server.

Moving to the Cloud

Top skills to ensure a successful migration to the cloud

If you're looking to embrace cloud computing services then there are a few essential in-house skills you will need to ensure a successful migration. Read the full article

Grounded – but Azure flies to other countries

Whilst flights across Europe have been grounded by the potential threat from volcanic ash and glass, more and more countries in Europe and beyond have transitioned to commercial availability of the Windows Azure Platform. Read the full article

A silver lining in every cloud?

You have probably noticed that several new buzzwords have been circulating in our industry for a little while now. Software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and ‘cloud computing’ have been dropped into many conversations seemingly interchangeably. Read the full article

I’m a project manager – what can VSTS do for me?

If you’re a project manager, or you have aspirations to fill that role in the next few months or years, you need to know about Visual Studio Team System. Read the full article

So, I care about ALM – but what’s this Visual Studio Team System thing?

Visual Studio Team System comprises a series of tools that enable project stakeholders to take an active part throughout the software development lifecycle. These are application lifecycle management (ALM) tools that support the development of quality software, allow project transparency and provide mechanisms for team collaboration. Read the full article

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