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The start of Higher Apprentice course at QA's Newcastle Office.

QA | 15 October 2014

The start of Higher Apprentice course at QA’s Newcastle Office

We have just completed at the time of writing this blog the first block of the level 4 Higher Apprentice course in Systems and Networking in Newcastle.

We run a score system on all courses within QA called a Net Promoter Index - this gives us a score for everything involved within a particular training block for the individual student from pre-course logistics to would they recommend the course for others.

After reading the numbers the first block was a runaway success - all students would recommend the course to friends and work colleagues. The students involved are moving up to a higher level of course which demonstrates to their respective employers that they are a cut above and have the determination to succeed in their professional lives.

The course can be found at Higher Apprentice Course page and is of a much higher order than the previous qualification. The student takes control of their own learning and show they can manage their time between assignments and work. The students work with their managers to ensure they complete their work assignments on time and to decide with their assessor on which units would benefit themselves and the business as a whole.

Students are also given access to the Microsoft Learning Academy where they are encouraged to pick courses to further their knowledge and understanding - these can be done anytime and anywhere. This again is in conjuntion with their employers.

The first two weeks of the course involved two units - also a day's induction where the depth that is involved in a higher level course is discussed.

The first block of the course involved training in System Development and Project Management - whilst the assignments are two separate entities the students immediately saw the possibilities of using the System
Development unit to feed into the Project one and asked if they could do it this way.

As the students are encouraged to make use of their own work practices, when the Project Management unit was completed we had discussed numerous management methodologies including Prince2, Scrum, Agile and Waterfall!

The students left to work on their respective projects - but have asked me to set up a working group style forum where they can still communicate and discuss ideas amongst themselves. This in my opinion is the way a Higher Apprentice course should work.

Lastly I have to apologise for a slightly misleading title - the title should be "A new blog for a new generation of Learner - well almost!" All the learners on the course have completed an Advanced Apprenticeship with
QA or with another provider.  If you would be interested in an informal visit to our Newcastle centre or have any questions about any of the apprentice courses please feel free to contact myself at Richard.Froud@qa.com.

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