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QA | 1 December 2015

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The clocks went back last weekend, and with autumn now upon us and the colder nights drawing in around 4pm, doing an online course from the comfort of your home or office appears more attractive than ever. But we thought we’d share the stacks of other tangible benefits of taking a course online that our customers tell us about every day:

  1. It’s convenient

    Do a two hour commute by train or face the crowded motorways? When web conferencing technology makes the training experience as good as being in the classroom itself, it’s got to be worth investigating.

  2. It saves time

    When we’re all busier at work than ever, it’s often hard to justify time out of the office for training to senior management. But the time saved on travelling when you do a course online makes it easier to catch up.

  3. It’s available on demand

    Scheduled courses are great for those who can commit to being in a set place at a set time, but if you need more flexibility, e-learning courses mean you can pick modules up as and when you have the free time (and the motivation!).

  4. You don’t have to live near a training centre

    If you’re one of the lucky ones who lives out in the beautiful but farther-out towns or countryside, it can be hard to find a local classroom course nearby - online learning courses can be a saviour.

  5. It makes T&E budgets go further

    When company Travel & Expense budgets are tight or worse there’s a ‘travel freeze’ in place it often puts a blocker on any classroom training - online courses provide a way to continue to attend training without using up any more precious budget.

  6. Less worry about childcare

    Many of our most valued accreditations like PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner can involve up to 5 days on site. A long time to figure out childcare arrangements if you need to stay away from home. An Attend from Anywhere, Virtual or Blended course can provide the ideal solution.

  7. You can get your remote teams together at the same time

    If you’re a multi-location or multinational company or department moving to a new IT solution, it can be hard logistically to get the same personnel trained in the same place – virtual courses can be an ideal alternative to classroom training to get everyone together at the same time.

  8. It’s more cost effective

    Due to their digital delivery, e-learning courses are generally more cost effective than classroom courses, meaning you can save money not only on travel and expenses but on the price of the course itself.

  9. You’re far too valuable to leave the office

    If you’re the only IT person who knows ‘that system’, your boss might be more reassured signing off your training if you’re still tucked away somewhere in the office ‘in case of emergency’ rather than being away off-site.

  10. You fear small talk

    Do a course from your home or office and keep the chat about the course only!

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