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How businesses can address the threat of the dark web

QA Cyber Security Trainer, James Aguilan, discusses what moves small businesses can make to push back against the threat of the dark web. Read the full article

Leading Digital Transformations

Digital Transformation - An Enduring Need or Just Here for a Fortnite?

QA's Head of Organisational Consultancy, Dr Ian Clarkson, discusses Digital Transformation and the global gaming phenomenon that is 'Fortnite'. Read the full article

A lateral move CAN benefit your career

A lateral move CAN benefit your career

QA's Learning Programme Director, Jennie Marshall, looks at why, in spite of what you might believe, lateral moves can be good for your career. Read the full article


5 Social Engineering scams you should know!

QA Cyber Security Trainer, James Aguilan, breaks down five Social Engineering attacks everyone should be aware of. Read the full article


Re-future - Five Reasons why the PM function can't ignore RPA and IA

QA’s partner, Voyager Solutions, explains why PMs need to understand the impact of Intelligent Automation. #Re-future, #SkillsfortheDigitalAge Read the full article


Network, network, network!

QA's Learning Programme Director, Jennie Marshall, discusses the importance of networking and offers some tips to help you network like a pro. Read the full article


How to build an effective cyber defence against polymorphic malware

QA Cyber Security Trainer, James Aguilan, lists three key areas where security efforts should be focussed to counter polymorphic malware. Read the full article


Who would hack a hairdresser?

QA Cyber Security Trainer, Graeme Batsman, explains why seemingly valueless targets are frequently hacked. Read the full article

Microsoft re-future Azure learning

Microsoft re-future Azure learning

QA's Head of Cloud Solutions, Mark Crump, outlines the changes Microsoft are making to their Azure and 365 curriculums. Read the full article

Leading Digital Transformations

Digital Transformation - do you know what it means?

QA's Head of Organisational Consultancy, Dr Ian Clarkson, discusses what is meant by Digital Transformation and how QA's Organisational Consultancy can help ensure a successful change. Read the full article

Leading QA Bloggers

Find out more about some of our leading bloggers in the profiles below

QA Training | Ian Clarkson

Ian Clarkson

Head of Organisational Consultancy

Dr Ian Clarkson is Head of Organisational Consultancy at QA. Ian is an experienced lecturer, author, speaker and consultant, having delivered programmes and projects in all industry sectors. This extensive hands-on experience coupled with a background in education has made Ian well-known and highly respected in his field. Ian currently works with a team of highly experienced lecturers and consultants helping organisations excel in all aspects of portfolio, programme, project and risk management.

QA Training | Jennie-marshal

Jennie Marshall

Learning Programme Director (Enterprise and Outsource Services)

Jennie Marshall is an award winning learning professional (Winner of the 2016 Learning Performance Institute, Learning Professional of the Year Bronze Award), who joined QA in 2010 as a Learning Consultant in the Leadership, Management and Business Skills team. She has gone on to progress through various positions to her current role of Learning Programme Director where she now designs, develops and manages the delivery of end to end learning programmes. She is an experienced and dedicated learning professional, with expertise including management, leadership and talent, and training and facilitation developed within a variety of environments. Jennie has a proven track record of delivering blended, multi modal learning programmes using Learning Management System platforms and in a more traditional face to face setting, is at home with small and large audiences. She is a proven developer of people and is accredited in the use of a variety of tools including Strength Deployment Inventory®, Emergenetics®, Hogan®, Prism® and Worldsview™ as well as being an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Kirkpatrick Certified Professional (Bronze).

James Aguilan

James Aguilan

Cyber Security Specialist

James Aguilan currently works as a Cybersecurity Researcher. He has provided upskilling and development to Government Agencies, National Critical Infrastructures and Large Corporations through the simulation of cyber-attacks and forensic investigations workshops. In the past, James worked as a Data Consultant where he advised high profiling clients on how to handle their data in a Civil Litigation or Criminal Investigation. Notably, this includes the largest Merger between two US Powerhouse Conglomerate, a deal worth $87 billion. Additionally, he has also served as a Cybersecurity Consultant where he would Respond to Incidents and Perform Full Forensic Investigations. James holds a first-class honour in Computer Forensics and is actively working towards a Masters in Network Security and Penetration Testing.

Daniel Ives

Daniel Ives

Principal Technologist - AWS

Daniel joined QA in 2006, having previously worked as a developer trainer on the Microsoft stack. He is an Authorized Amazon Instructor and holds all 8 of the current AWS certifications. As a Principal Technologist, Daniel focuses on creating and delivering courses about cloud services, service-oriented architectures, data engineering and enterprise application integration. Areas of expertise: Amazon Web Services, C#, .NET and agile development. His areas of interest include all of the above, plus Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Python, sailing, skiing and cycling, although not necessarily in that order or at the same time.

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