Nino is an entrepreneurial spirited, pioneering technologist with 10+ years of executive-level experience identifying, qualifying, building consensus for, and implementing enabling technologies and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. A powerful blend of technology vision and business acumen results in the consistent development of powerful business strategies supported by cost-effective, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications. Broad expertise in IT, IT Security, Computer forensics, network, programming and telecommunications. Architecture/infrastructure design, full project life cycle management, client-vendor relationship management, and financial/operational management.

Specialist areas: CEH, CREST CPT, Art Of Hacking, CNVAP, AZF, MAF, Advanced Infrastructure Hacking, TAP, AWSCP, GCPF, GCPSA, CSCU, Cyber Security Consultant/Trainer, Ethical Hacker, Security Assessment, Pen-Tester.