What does the possibility of a Project Management drought mean to you?

22 January 2018

We at QA understand that successful project managers require a very specific skill set; excellent people skills, time management, problem solving, organisational skills – to name a few. But where does a career in project management start?

There are limited school syllabus’ that cover project management, and even fewer Project Managers shouting about their progression from a Project Manager to a senior Project Manager, Portfolio Manager etc. Similarly, career fairs are not usually unabundant with Project Managers promoting the benefits of following their career footsteps. All this, means that starting a career in project management can be difficult and often means that people who exhibit the right skill set get pulled into project management as the skills are in such high demand. We want to change the future of hiring project managers and help companies grow highly skilled, adaptable and most importantly loyal employees.

There is a definite need in the market for project managers to help with the successful implementation of product and services in multiple sectors ranging from IT to retail. Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to hire Project Managers who fit their role specification: need a ‘safe pair of hands’, someone who knows their internal systems and someone who can be up and running instantly. Therefore, the demand for high performing project managers is increasing but the pool of talent is drying-up. Over the next 10 years, the Project Management Institute (PMI) forecasts a US$207.9 billion hit to the GDP of 11 major economies due to the shortage of project management talent.

This drought means, companies are at great risk of their great project management talent being scooped-up, by other companies, with promises of greener pastures - leaving many with a skills gap that just can’t be filled. What can be done to reduce this risk? QA are advocates of transforming talent through learning which is why we believe that the solution to the drought is hiring a Project Manager apprentice. 

Why do we believe this? Three simple facts:

1. Grow your own talent 

You teach them how your company runs, we teach them how to project manage. All that without the obstacle of learnt bad habits or expensive hiring costs. Also, new recruits can often be a great injection of energy into an organisation.

2. An apprentice doesn’t have to be a new hire 

Traditionally, apprentices were typically new hire’s and between the age of 16 – 24, but changes to apprenticeship funding means that re-skilling existing staff members on apprenticeships has never been easier. So if you have an existing staff member that you want to move into a project management position then a Project Manager Apprenticeship can be used in order to equip them with the right skills.

3. Nurturing the next generation of staff

Hiring an apprentice can also offer existing staff the opportunity to get on the managerial ladder – giving them the chance to develop their skills/broaden their remit.

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