2 January 2018

Businesses across the UK are considering the key decisions which will guide success for the coming 12 months. With a well-publicised skills gap in the UK costing the economy over £2bn a year¹, the approach to acquiring high-calibre talent now takes a far more central role in order for organisations to succeed. 

Are you considering a change in focus or plans for expansion? January is the time to attract a unique group of people with must-have skills. 90 per cent of employers have struggled to recruit workers with the right skills in the last 12 months¹, which is why the proposition of apprenticeships is so attractive to more and more organisations.

New Year, New Talent 

At the beginning of every New Year, the talent pool swells with a fresh wave of excellent candidates. This surge in quality is led by university leavers, with an increasing number of these educated individuals looking at an apprenticeship as a career-changing alternative. 

Responsible, mature and business ready, this influx of talented people drawn to the development, qualifications and the real life work experience offered by apprenticeships, paves the way for businesses to use this opportunity and gain the potential their skills sets bring.

Can You Afford to Ignore 

Candidates Like Eloise and Nikolas?

Apprentice Eloise, 19

“I’m Eloise, I’m 19 and I have just made the decision to leave university to complete an apprenticeship. I got 10 GSCEs including As in Maths, English and IT. After, I completed A Levels in IT, Business Studies and Maths. I want to grow my career in tech with a business, and get started in work getting real experience.  The next step for me is to find the right role, with the right company.”

Hi, I’m Nikolas and working with technology has always been my dream. Ideally, I want to be a network engineer. I was at university up until recently but I found that the course and lifestyle did not suit my needs. I believe that an apprenticeship is going to give me the hands on experience, structure and clear development path to be the best I can be.”

Eloise and Nikolas’ combination of aptitude, attitude and core skills are not uncommon among university leavers, thousands of candidates like these flood the apprenticeship talent pool in January. 

Perhaps you are a business paying the apprenticeship levy and you have been biding your time, waiting for the best candidates? Or maybe you have been struggling to find the right entry level talent for your organisation? Hundreds of organisations across the UK are making the most of this opportunity by filling roles in their business with high quality candidates, like Eloise and Nikolas, via apprenticeships.

Source¹: https://www3.open.ac.uk/media/fullstory.aspx?id=31527 

Why QA?

QA’s 30-year experience in training is used to craft apprenticeship programmes that deliver job-specific skills. Industry-aligned skills coaches and a unique blended approach to learning accelerate proficient skills development and provide a flexible learner journey.

Combining QA’s unique approach with the flood of excellent talent presented in January means fast, noticeable results for businesses.

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