by Chris Lucas

If you think of Salesforce as just a CRM system, it may be time to think again.

I know enterprises that run their entire billing cycle on Salesforce. Companies that use it as their ERP system. There’s even a cool electric motorbike manufacturer in the States that’s integrated Salesforce with the internet of things. When one of its bikes breaks down, its technicians get alerts and immediate access to all the necessary information. Via the dedicated app, they can see where the bike is, diagnosis of the fault, and when it was last serviced.

Forbes recently called Salesforce "the central nervous system of digitised businesses" and it certainly has the potential to be that. There are now thousands of applications that can be integrated with Salesforce to digitise and transform businesses. Quickly and relatively cheaply.

This vision of cost-effective, scalable digital transformation is hugely exciting. But it needs talent – specifically Salesforce developers with the practical tech skills to unleash the full potential of the Salesforce tech stack.

Such talent is in short supply. Which is why we’ve teamed up with Salesforce to create the early-career Salesforce developers that UK businesses urgently need.

Proven project-ready Salesforce developers in just 11 weeks

If you’re looking to exploit the potential of Salesforce but lack the talent to do so, we may well have just the solution you’re looking for.

Salesforce training is of course nothing new, but what we’re offering is radically different.

Our Squad-as-a-Service (SqaaS) model gives you the flexibility to ramp up your IT capabilities – fast. You get access to the talent you need, without the risks and hassles of hiring your own developers.

Working closely with Salesforce, we’ve developed a unique training pathway that creates project-ready talent – in just 11 weeks. Our carefully selected trainees enter the programme without necessarily having any IT experience. They leave with a solid foundation in IT at SFIA Level 2/3, the Salesforce App Builder certification, and a grounding in the Salesforce developer skills that will enable them to build careers as Salesforce Architects.

A unique emphasis on real-world applications

At the heart of this experience is a series of practical projects that mirror the demands our graduates will face on the job. These projects are completely unique and have been specially created for the course by instructors from Salesforce.

We complement this with highly relevant scenario-based challenges from Salesforce’s training platform, Trailhead. By the end of the programme, our early-career Salesforce developers will have proven their mettle by gaining Salesforce Superbadges in both Admin and App Builder pathways.

In addition to these hard tech skills, we equip our cohorts with the soft skills in project management, communication and conflict resolution, ensuring a seamless transition into the workplace.

The Salesforce dev talent you need – when you need it, where you need it

Our Squad-as-a-Service graduates work for you but remain on our payroll. What’s more, we take full responsibility for their performance and continuing professional development.

Within their first six months on the job, we put them through the Salesforce Platform Developer Certification. And then continue to support them with the training and mentoring they need to flourish in their roles.

After two years, you can choose to take them onto your payroll. Many organisations do. (Approximately 90% of our people go on to accept full-time positions.)

This "try before you buy" model places all the risk on us – a commitment we’re more than happy to make, thanks to the quality of our training and the calibre of our graduates.

Not only do you overcome your skill gaps, you do so in a way that’s:

  • Operationally flexible: We adapt to your requirements – super-fast deployments, swapping out, early termination and more are all possible.
  • Geographically flexible: Our developers will relocate anywhere in the UK. (We bear all accommodation and travel costs.)
  • Sustainable: You get to retain valuable intellectual capital. And on the rare occasion when another developer might be a better fit, we offer replacements at no extra cost.

The demand for Salesforce talent has been growing at an explosive 50% per year. Speak to QA to get the early-career dev talent you need for one of the quickest, most cost-effective routes to digital transformation.

Interested in the Squad-as-a-Service model but don’t have a tech gap in Salesforce? Get in touch to find out how it could work for other tech disciplines such as DevOps, cloud, Pega, RPA or software automation.

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