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Digital innovation and change are reaching all corners of the education world, demanding that ways of working and learning are reimagined.

The potential boons of new technologies include everything from more personalised learning experiences, to boosting retention, and improving on accessibility and equity. However, a sound foundation of technical skills and practices within Higher Education organisations is needed to achieve these advantages – and to achieve them safely, without risk to student data for instance.

Many institutions still have much ground to cover when it comes to skilling up for the digital future of education; streamlining processes, eliminating inefficiencies and assessing risks to ultimately improve the outcome for your students.

With only 60% of tech leaders saying their institution makes data analysis a priority, digital transformation is set to be a major roadblock for HE in 2024.

It’s time for Education to do its own learning… and we’re here to help you upskill your teams to get ahead of the curve. We’re rounding up the latest learning trends and insights, as well as our predictions for higher education training in 2024.

Can Agile working transform higher education?

Agile is the word on everyone’s lips, and the spike in interest in Agile skilling across the HE sector shows that it’s not all talk!

But what do HE organisations stand to gain? According to UCISA, the benefits of Agile working could help transform HE in a number of ways: 

  • Forging a clear link between work delivered and strategic goals for your institution.
  • Enabling you to effectively prioritise amid increasing demands, and focus limited resources toward high impact work.
  • Freeing up the workforce from silos to better adapt and innovate.
  • Putting your IT teams ‘on the map’ and increasing employee satisfaction through team perception.

Want to learn more? If you’re ready to lift the lid on all the advantages of Agile working your organisation could harness, check out our Agile report.

How can you ensure Data security in the age of digital education?

Skilling in Cloud, Data and Cyber Security remain in high demand in the education sector. And there’s good reason. Organisations like yours are dealing with vast amounts of valuable data, much of it sensitive and in need of protection.  

Without watertight cloud security, some of the threats that institutions face include: 

  • Compromised safety for teachers and school administrators, as well as risk to student privacy.
  • A continued increase in cyber incidents – which we don’t need to tell you has seen worrying growth influenced by the digitisation of schooling which took off as an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • System downtime, consequent disruption and loss of hours.
  • Decreased efficiency.
  • Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fines.
  • Potential claims from affected third parties.

With a recent survey demonstrating that only 2% of CIOs are ‘extremely confident’ their organisation is capable of preventing a harmful attack, we’re expecting to see more and more HE organisations turning to our skilling in cyber security.


Higher education has a challenging and rapidly changing road ahead, but a horizon full of opportunity, too! 

At QA we believe that the way forward for organisations in HE is to get savvy and future-ready by upskilling in areas like Data, Cloud and AI.  

We’re here to help organisations respond to changes in tech and gain the expertise not only to overcome today's challenges, but to seize tomorrow’s opportunities, innovating to get ahead of the competition and provide better results. 

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