Want to feel a new energy and zest for what you do? Give this a try. Push yourself to try and learn new things. Include things that raise your energy and awareness!

A few years ago I set myself a target to do a new qualification each year - and challenged myself to do something new each year. The people I coach mentor or train are facing new challenges in their careers and lives very frequently - tough challenges too!

A recurring challenge for them is presenting. I've presented for so many years that my understanding of their levels of anxiety was starting to become academic so I joined a Vocal Technique course a couple of years ago to challenge one of my own fears - singing alone in front of others. It's helped me to re-experience the levels of anxiety the people I train in presentations still face. I'm overcoming those fears and gaining new confidence and understanding of others. I'm also developing new coaching courses in the fields of Project Management, Agile, and possibly DevOps.

So with QA I've just taken an APM qualification in the Fundamentals of Project Management, attended a course on DevOps and am working with some of our Agile experts. And just for good measure, I've refreshed my NLP skills (I first qualified almost 17 years ago) by taking the new NLP Business Practitioner certificate course that we offer.

I feel re-energised and more alive to what I'm doing at work and at home. It's also created new neural networks, greater understanding of the breadth of our business, new admiration for my colleagues, and possibly best of all - I'm more excited about work and play than I've been for years.