by James Tubb

Military service leavers crossing to civilian life often find they are in high demand. Experienced in project management, risk management and risk assessment, they have skills and an approach to work that employers value highly.

But to the service leaver heading out of the armed forces, the question of what to do next might feel slightly overwhelming. Which career path should I follow? How do I apply for Enhanced Learning Credits? Which qualifications are most in demand from employers?

The ongoing digital skills gap in the UK provides a good opportunity for ex-service people to access a sustainable career in a growing sector. Individuals used to thinking in terms of risk, governance and decision-making have an excellent set of transferable skills that are much in demand in the tech sector.

QA offers a growing list of ELCAS-approved, tech, project and programme management courses. From Advanced Infrastructure Hacking and Practitioner Certificate in Cloud Security to PRINCE2 Practitioner courses, there are plenty of opportunities for service leavers to start building the foundations of a sustainable career in a dynamic market.

While it is possible to use Enhanced Learning Credits to fund individual QA courses, there is also an option to combine courses into a specific career pathway, building the foundation for a career in tech. For example, by joining together the 1-day NIST Cyber Security Professional (NCSP) Foundation Certificate with the 4-day NIST NCSP Practitioner Certificate, service leavers have a solid foundation for a security career. Other career pathways available through the resettlement training scheme include disciplines such as agile project management, programme and risk management or cloud security.

With the recent news that veterans who left the Armed Forces between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2016 can now access the Enhanced Learning Scheme for 10 years – and classrooms opening up again as we emerge from lockdown – this is a great time for all eligible service leavers to use their remaining Enhanced Learning Credits.  

Service leavers have an increased opportunity to learn new skills and employers can benefit from a lower cost of training. A win-win situation for both parties.

Speak to the QA resettlement team

With a dedicated resettlement team, QA is well-placed to advise service leavers irrespective of where they are on their resettlement journey. Whether it’s help understanding how to allocate Enhanced Learning Credit funding, a discussion about which career pathway or course to choose, or a wider conversation about career opportunities in the tech sector, our team can help. You can find out more information about our ELCAS-approved courses here, or get in touch with our team on 0207 444 0867.

QA is a proud supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant and employs many ex-service leavers who are also happy to share their experience and advice with you.