What is Agile Project Management?

The first thing to establish is that Agile isn't an alternative to Project Management. That is a common misconception.

In fact. It isn't a framework or even a vendor. It is primarily a mindset.

So Agile Project Management is still project management, but approached with a different mindset.

The essence of Agile is that requirements are delivered iteratively and incrementally throughout the project.

The project is broken down into smaller pieces which are then prioritised (and reprioritised).

It encourages self-organising teams and greater collaboration with the customer. This in turn leads to greater and more frequent feedback.

The end result is that although we might not deliver the end product more quickly (although we might), we are certainly more likely to deliver what the customer wants and needs.

One of the values identified in the Agile Manifesto is “Respond to change over following a plan”.

Following a plan

A good example of following a plan would be one of those route planners that you can print out prior to a long journey. This plan sets out every step of your journey. It will include every stretch of road and its length; every turning and timings for each stage.

These plans are excellent provided that nothing goes wrong. If there is any change in the situation, they became redundant. If you missed a turn or there was a closed road or diversion, this plan would cease to be useful.

Respond to change

These days, we don’t have to rely on up-front planning. With the aide of devices such as sat-navs, we are able to respond to any change. In fact, at the start of the journey we might be offered a number of possible routes and we can choose the one that gives us the greatest value. E.g. duration or economy.

The real value of this approach is that should any change occur during the journey, the sat-nav will be able to make alternative suggestions which will of course differ from the original plan but will never the less achieve your ultimate goal. i.e. to reach your destination.

And what if your ultimate goal changes mid journey? Well sat-navs are agile enough to come up with a new plan very quickly!

What is AgilePM?

AgilePM is a certified agile project management framework based upon DSDM – Dynamic Systems Development Method.

It is the world’s most popular agile project management framework.

The values and principles described in the Agile Manifesto, are important but don’t explain to practitioners, including Project Managers, how to put them into practice. That’s why we need frameworks.

DSDM is governed by the Agile Business Consortium (formally known as the DSDM Consortium).

It sets out a series of practices and roles that help practitioners to run projects in an Agile way.

Certification is provided by APMG Internationaltm in the form of two awards. AgilePM Foundation and AgilePM Practitioner.

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