Eric Naiburg, COO, talks to Paddy Dhanda, QA’s Agile Practice Director and John Gordon, QA’s Software Practice Director to dispel some of the myths around Scrum and the different certifications that are available from and much more, including:

  • How can help agilists on their learning journey
  • How and where to start your learning journey - whether you’re brand new to Scrum or already a practitioner
  • What the differences are between the certifications
  • Why believes in and supports the ‘always learning’ approach rather than re-certification
  • Must-have reading recommendations for anyone considering a career in Scrum
  • What’s on the future roadmap for
  • Advice on how to start your career journey in tech or Scrum/agility

Episode guests:

Eric Naiburg

Chief Operating Officer –

Eric is co-author of UML for Database Design and UML for Mere Mortal. Eric is responsible for all aspects of marketing, support, outbound communications, Professional Scrum Trainer programs, partners and operations for Eric was program director at IBM and Rational Software where he was originally hired in 1999 by original Scrum Team member John Scumniotales for who he worked for several years and worked closely with another original Scrum Team member Jeff McKenna sitting in the next desk. At IBM and Rational Eric was responsible for application lifecycle management (ALM), DevOps, Data Governance and Agile solutions. Previously he held the role of director of marketing for INetU (now ViaWest). Before INetU, Eric has held product management and marketing roles with other organizations including: Ivar Jacobson Consulting, CAST Software and Logic Works Inc. (Acquired by Platinum Technologies and CA), as product manager for ERwin.

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