by QA

Joseph Charm, Senior Technical Learning Specialist for Application & Website Development at QA, talks to Paddy Dhanda, QA’s Agile Practice Director, about design thinking, including:

  • How Joseph’s career journey took him from sales to banking to digital transformation.
  • What is design thinking?
  • Why he is so passionate about design thinking and the way it puts users/customers at the centre of design.
  • How design thinking can help individuals and organisations keep up with the pace of technological change.
  • Why even successful organisations can be at risk of failure.
  • How design thinking is critical to harnessing the power of consumers and data as a valuable commodity.
  • What are the 5 key phases of design thinking?
  • The importance of critiquing ideas and development.
  • Who can benefit the most from design thinking training?
  • Why design thinking requires a mindset change.
  • What is design sprinting and service blueprinting?

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