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QA recently hosted a free breakfast briefing RESILIA, Cyber Resilience best practice delivered by AXELOS at our Cyber Labs at International House, London.

We were joined by Stuart Rance, RESILIA Best Practice Author and Chief Examiner as well as Dan Cole, Future Portfolio Lead. The attendees listened to a broad range of perspectives on the value of cyber resilience for individuals and organisations.

It is common knowledge that cyber threats are on the rise and hopefully everybody is aware of the importance of staying cyber secure. A recent attack to one of the biggest Telecom organisations was rapid and dramatic. In one day their share price fell by 12% and in total an estimated £360 million was wiped off its value. The direct one-off cost of dealing with the hack was reportedly more than £30 million.

Recent research suggests it takes 253 days on average for an organisation to realise they have been successfully attacked! (Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report). The same report found that “90% of all successful cyber-attacks rely on human vulnerability to succeed”.

So what can be done to protect a business? AXELOS believe “RESILIA training is essential for people responsible for IT, to ensure they play their part in helping to protect valuable information assets and understanding the balance between protect, detect and correct…We can’t leave information security to the experts. The leaders of an organization must set direction, identify priorities and communicate policy. IT staff have a huge role to play in helping to protect information and RESILIA training can help them to understand how they can best contribute”.

So are people part of the problem? Are individuals the main reason why security is compromised?

Stuart Rance, RESILIA Best practice Author and chief examiner, has a slightly different view. He believes that people are not part of the problem with security but are part of the solution.

“I love the phrase ‘the human firewall’. If we think of teaching our people of how they can be part of our security rather than constantly berating them. People can help to prevent cyber breaches, to detect them and help correct them afterwards but only if they have the knowledge, information and training.”

So how can RESILIA training help protect an organisation? RESILIA training is aimed at the broad IT community and everyone who owns or manages information with the emphasis on collaboration.

Watch Stuart Rance and Dan Cole explain more on the importance of managing information security and how RESILIA can help.

QA offers RESILIA courses and the most comprehensive Cyber Security training portfolio in the market, including Cyber Awareness, Cyber Certifications, Cyber Intelligence as well as the opportunity for organisations to simulate and react to real life Cyber threats in a safe environment.

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