So you may know from our previous blog that QA employees were asked to take part in Tough Mudder challenges for the chosen two charities – Teens Unite and Macmillan.

It was the turn of our Yorkshire team on Saturday. There were 44 attendees, made up of three teams – The Mudd-wise-Ers, The Bravehearts and The Mighty Muddlers.

So how did our teams do?

All of the teams were in high spirits after their enjoyable Saturday of Tough Mudder and we are pleased to report that in spite of some minor scratches and some sore legs, the majority said… would do it all over again!

Bravehearts, Mighty Muddlers and Mud-Wise-Ers did an amazing job and also managed to raise a massive £7K towards our charities. And collective fundraising across all our charity Tough Mudder events has reached over £17K! Well done everyone.

We still have more Tough Mudder events planned for the year. Countdown for our South West event begins, so look out for updates and good luck to all the teams still left to participate.