The learning package allows students with no prior experience to build their own app and learn the key principals of coding in just one day.

It has been designed by QA's Principal Technologist in web and mobile development, who trains some of the UK's most senior and influential software developers.

"Our aim is to inspire the next generation of software developers and encourage people of all disciplines to pursue a career in IT. QA's free online learning package is the perfect introduction to the world of coding, and we hope it will spark a wider interest in the diverse world of IT."
Bill Walker, QA Commercial and Technical Director

This announcement follows the alarming realisation that Europe is facing a huge IT skills shortage. A recent report funded by the European Commission forecasts a 4% annual growth in the demand for IT personnel. It predicts a structural shortage of over 500,000 jobs due to a lack of available talent and suitably skilled workers. The biggest gaps are in the UK, Germany and Italy, accounting for 60% of all the IT job vacancies in Europe.

QA has proven that graduates with a background in many different course disciplines can start a career in IT, even without a technical degree. We recently launched the QA Gateway Programme, a graduate scheme providing funded IT training worth £20K with a job upon completion. Initially designed for graduates from science, technology, engineering and mathematical related subjects, the scheme is now open to all university graduates who have some level of experience within the field of IT. Upon completion of the programme, the fully-trained graduates will be paid to work on live projects as software developers or IT infrastructure consultants. This highly innovative scheme will improve employability for thousands of graduates within the UK.

Information on how to access the free online learning package from QA can be found in the January issue of The University Paper. Participating universities include Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Preston, Sheffield and Swansea.