Cyber Security challenge

We rely on the internet for most business processes these days; storing data, banking and eCommerce to name a few. There are approximately 12-24 million eCommerce websites in the world with 650,000 that generate significant annual sales. These figures demonstrate how necessary it is for businesses to  operate and compete online, yet require substantial processes to be in place to protect their clients and their own data.

Hacking Team

'Hacking Team' were at the front of a hacking scandal this past weekend. Whilst they are yet to confirm that the 400GB of leaked data (invoices and sensitive information) is legitimate, it highlights the need for businesses to reduce their attack surface and establish deeper boundaries to minimise the damage from an anticipated attack. Doing so will ultimately reduce the expose and bulk data loss. It is a lesson we can and should all learn from.

Cyber Security jobs

'Tech Target' claim that for every 20 jobs in online security there is only one qualified candidate and the number of jobs in this space is expected to rise 12 percent annually. Meaning that as businesses make the move towards eCommerce, Digital and Cloud most have not taken the required steps to adhere to Cyber Security measures.

How can businesses reduce the threat of cyber attack?

Seeing as there is a deficit in the job market of trained Information Security Analysts, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other core Cyber Security jobs, it seems prudent to upskill your employees.   

At QA we offer cyber defence courses and other types of Cyber Security training, such as open-source cyber intelligence, to enhance your organisation's situational awareness and to help you adopt robust procedures against the Cyber Security challenge. These courses will equip you and your employees with the skills to identify the following concerns:

  • What do the bad guys know about you?
  • Discover your own attack surface
  • Discover what’s in the public domain which provides hackers useful insight to strike at the heart of your business.

To find out more please visit our Cyber Security course listing.