Would you like develop your cyber defence skills in a safe hands-on environment?

QA are providing the opportunity to develop and practice the latest cyber defence skills at the Cyber Defender ‘Capture the Flag’ (CTF) events.

Hosted in our state-of-the-art Cyber Labs in International House in London, IT technical teams and security professionals are able to simulate and react to real life cyber threats in an immersive learning environment, working against the clock.

During the events, challenges are released which require the participants to navigate through systems, seeking vulnerabilities, exploiting, decrypting, whatever it takes to find the flag.

Talented individuals working in isolation can’t defend an organisation successfully. These events will allow organisations to harness the talent within their teams, enabling them to solve the challenges together before they have to do it for real.

The events are:

  • Cyber Defender Foundation- provides a learning platform for multi-discipline IT technical teams to work together collaborating as they would defending their organisation in a real cyber attack.
  • Cyber Defender Advanced- designed for the experienced security professional, ready for a challenge, those with penetration testing skills or red team expertise will thrive in this environment. It will be engaging, challenging and fun!

Read some quotes from previous event attendees:

"The event went well as it enabled me to learn a lot of content while giving practical experience and was generally more engaging than standard courses."
"The event exceeded my expectations and covered a very interesting, broad range of topics. Appreciated the hand on experience and practical application."
"The facilities were fit for purpose and the environment was spacious and effective for learning."