With the demand for 3D Printing technology growing rapidly and a thirst from business to know how this technology will impact processes and markets globally, today has seen a new partnership formed between QA, one of the UK’s leading learning companies and ObjectForm, a tech start-up specialising in 3D Printing.

ObjectForm specialises in 3D Printing technology and has developed four distinct 3D Printing courses that will be provided through QA, aimed at both Business Leaders and Technicians.

The first course, a one day event called: The Business Opportunities and Impacts of 3D Printing

- gives an insightful overview, showcasing the technology available to businesses and explaining the manufacturing, business and global development impacts due to the introduction of 3D printing. The second course, which can be taken as an introductory one day event for Technicians, is called: Fundamentals of 3D Printing .

More advanced courses for Technicians include a three day event called:   Understanding 3D Printing and a five day event called: Advanced 3D Printing . These explain; the history of 3D Printing, how to use and troubleshoot desktop 3D Printers, teach you how to 3D Print your own models by allowing hands on access to desktop 3D Printing technology, give you access to cutting edge filament creation technology, introduce you to a host of materials available to 3D Print and help you to get to grips with and understand all you need to know about 3D Printing.

The courses are set initially to run in QA's purpose designed training centres in London and Leeds, although other venues can also be arranged.  The first official courses will run on the 10th and 14th October 2014.

We believe 3D Printing has the potential to be a globally disruptive technology that spans a wide range of business sectors and functional disciplines.  UK businesses cannot afford to miss out, if they have ambitions to deploy as "first to market" in what is predicted to be a very popular technology.

"When I first saw 3D Printing technology I was stunned… literally. At first I saw objects made from popular plastics, and then I saw blends of plastics that contained wood, linen, silk and bronze, well that was it, I immediately dropped everything and focused solely on investigating the possibilities of this new technology.

I quickly realised that 3D Printing has the potential to be globally disruptive and could possibly impact the majority of businesses on the same scale.

There was little information in terms of how this new technology would impact businesses, or what the technology could achieve and therefore after more than a year's research and development I created ObjectForm and partnered with QA in order to provide courses, to businesses, that outline what this new technology is, how to use it and what impacts it may have on everyone. 

When I speak to people about the technology, when I show them actual 3D printing objects such as a vase, or a cog, even a model robot and spare parts for everyday household items, they too are just as stunned as I first was. It's exciting and you have arrived at just the right time!"

-    Scott Knowles Director of ObjectForm.

 "3D printing is a new and exciting technology that will revolutionise manufacturing processes and significantly impact a huge range of industries as well as domestic consumers and will serve as another component in the engine of the circular economy. I'm delighted that we have been able to work with ObjectForm to bring these new courses to our curriculum and to be able to provide our customers with an insight into this new area of technology."

- Adrian Jakeman, Head of IT Training, QA