Can I choose which technology route I go down?

Your technology route will be dependent on what customer opportunities we currently have. This is so we can get you real-world work experience as quick as possible. We encourage you to keep up-skilling your technology expertise and will support you throughout your career with us. 

Where will the training be?

All our training is currently delivered virtually.

What are the working hours during training?

Your usual hours will be 9am – 5.30pm weekdays with an hour lunch break. On Mondays we have a late start of 10am and Fridays we finish at 4.30pm so you can start your weekend early.

What technical equipment do I need during training?

Laptop/computer with:

  • Windows 10
  • 8 GB Ram
  • Ryzen 5 Processor (or equivalent)
  • 1366x768 resolution
  • A microphone (either inbuilt or as part of a headset)

If your current machine doesn’t meet the above specifications we can look to send you a laptop which meets these criteria. However, this laptop would need to be returned once the training has been completed.

Is the training paid?

The training period is unpaid but we do provide financial support. This can be in the form of a monthly bursary or accommodation.

Where will I live during the training?

When we are able to reopen our Academy centre in Manchester, you will be offered free accommodation in our apartments (a 10-minute walk from the Academy in Salford Quays; fully equipped with WiFi, TVs and cooking facilities) or a monthly bursary (instead of accommodation) if you are local or would prefer to find your own place to stay while training.

Since all of our training is running online at the moment, you will automatically receive the monthly bursary.

What support do I receive during training?

You'll have support throughout your training from our subject matter experts. Once you have secured a role with our end clients, you will have a dedicated Technical Manager to support your journey through client site.

Can I choose my end customer?

No, we match your skills to our customer's needs so you can get onsite experience as quick as possible.

What locations could I work in?

All our roles require you to move to the end customer so we ask you to be 100% happy to live anywhere in the UK.

What happens if I want to leave within my first 2 years?

This role is a full-time permanent opportunity, however as we cover all of your training costs we ask you to commit to us for a minimum of 2 years. If you leave within this period we would ask you to repay some of the training costs.

What does my progression look like?

Progression within QA is self-determined. While we encourage and support you with requirements such as additional training, we work to monitor progression through the Skills for the Information Age [SFIA] Framework. This means it’s your responsibility that ultimately determines your progression within QA and your personal path towards self-actualisation.

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