Free hands-on lab event

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Essentials practical hands-on labs event is designed to introduce you to the tools offered on the GCP platform to create resources such as Virtual Machines, Monitoring Services, Containers and Load Balancers and more.

No prior knowledge of the GCP environment is required. The event will be run by a GCP authorised QA expert who will also provide support when completing the practical elements. The event will have a short presentation on the Google Cloud Platform followed by a choice of practical labs in which you can create your chosen solution. The solutions will range from 'Introductory' topics and technologies through to 'Advanced'.

Session 1: Thursday 29th August | London International House

Session 2: Monday 9th September | London International House

Session 3: Monday 7th October | London Google

Session 4: Wednesday 6th November | London International House

Cost: FREE

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Target audience

This event is intended for:

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • First time users of GCP


Prior knowledge of GCP services is not required.

Students must bring a laptop to gain access to Qwiklab environment.

Available scenarios

  • Creating a Virtual Machine (Introductory)
  • Getting Started with Cloud Shell & Gcloud (Introductory)
  • Provision Services with Cloud Launcher (Introductory)
  • Creating a Persistent Disk (Introductory)
  • Hello Node Kubernetes (Advanced)
  • Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure with Stackdriver (Fundamentals)
  • Setup Network and HTTP Load Balancers (Advanced)


  • Registrations & introductions - 30mins
  • Presentation: GCP Essentials - 15mins
  • Hands on labs - 2hr15mins