This seminar looks at Cryptocurrency, with a focus on blockchain. The session will develop a clearer picture of Cryptocurrency, understanding how to manage an account, access raw data on distributed ledgers, track and trace block chain transactions with the aim of identifying ‘real-word’ owners and, to prepare an investigation which could result in forfeiture or seizure of ‘Coins.’

Target audience

This seminar is aimed at Digital forensic examiners, Forensic accountants, Open source intelligence analysis, Investigators and members of the legal profession.

Learning outcomes

  • Conduct an investigation into Cryptocurrency usage
  • Define what is a cryptocurrency
  • Understand the relationship of the blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Audit a transaction - Follow the Money!
  • Manage and deal with different wallet formats
  • Identify common forensic artifacts & Locate suspects
  • Prepare for Asset seizure


  • Registration
  • Introduction & Seminar Outline
  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • Pulling your Blockchain
  • Transactions and Keys
  • Contracts & Tokens
  • Big Fat Wallets (WIF)
  • Back of the Beer Mat – Investigation planning
  • TIE – Trace Identify and Eliminate
  • Follow the Money!
  • Watch and shoot! Finding the user
  • Take it all away – Coin seizure
  • Exit & Seminar Review
  • End of Seminar