This course is the second in a series of four concentrating on Microsoft Teams. You have started using Teams and conversations. In this course, collaborating with colleagues is explored. We go further into the options around conversations, status and notifications. Making Teams work for you.

You will learn how to set up and control meetings to share content. Collaboration can take place outside of a meeting in Teams. We look at working on files in Teams and the options available to manage them.


Attendance on QAMSTESS – Microsoft Teams: Essentials or equivalent experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use conversation and chat options
  • Set notifications
  • Work with meeting options
  • Create meetings in Channels
  • Control the sharing of content in a meeting
  • Use the Presenter role
  • Create and add content to Teams
  • Collaborate on content directly in a team and through Teams
  • Manage files in a Team

Course Outline

Conversation and chat options

  • Announcements
  • Private chats – what are they and when to use them
  • Adding content to a conversation
  • Posting across Channels
  • Saving posts

Set notifications

  • Teams notifications
  • Channel specific notifications
  • Presence and status

Meeting options

  • Lobbies
  • Meetings in Channels
  • Inviting people to an ongoing meeting
  • Presenter role
  • Recording meetings
  • Chat window
  • Control and share content in a meeting


  • Office documents in Teams
    • Adding existing documents
    • Creating from scratch
  • Editing files in Teams
  • Co-editing in a meeting
  • Swapping meeting presenter roles

File Management

  • Where are my documents stored?
  • Opening the Teams SharePoint site
  • Document versions
  • Teams Recycle Bin

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