Our Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship combines high-quality classroom training with online learning, coaching and on-the-job experience to develop real world skills.

It gives learners fundamental skills, alongside practical experience to take on a range of roles.

QA’s programme is completely unique, delivered through a leading-edge, innovative approach to challenge-based learning. It has been developed using the latest research into effective learning and practical application of skills.

It provides a flexible learning journey using a blend of learning methods including online learning, practical exercises, video content, coaching and workshops. It enables accelerated and proficient skills development, as well as offering the opportunity for apprentices to fit learning in amongst their other priorities.

What’s included?

On successful completion of the programme the following qualifications are gained:

  • Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship

The entry requirements for this programme are:

  • 3 GCSEs (or equivalent) at grades A-C in any subject
  • GCSE Maths and English (or equivalents) at grades D or above
  • Learners must not hold an existing qualification at the same or higher level than this apprenticeship in a similar subject

Job role suitability if already in employment:

To help you determine whether this programme is suitable for the learner you must be able to answer “yes” to the following questions.

  • Will they be performing Business Administration duties and tasks as the core function of their role including; developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services?
  • Will their role enable them to support and engage with different parts of the organisation and interact with internal or external customers? (With a focus on adding value, contributing to the efficiency of an organisation, through support of functional areas, working across teams and resolving issues as requested.)
  • Are they involved in and actively working on business administration duties, including:
  • IT (including updating and reviewing data bases)
  • Record and document production
  • Decision making
  • Planning and organisation
  • Project management (Small to medium scale project/change/improvement)
  • Quality and compliance
  • Will they have the opportunity to work on a project or business improvement initiative during the apprenticeship including the project management of the change/improvement or project?
  • Will the learner be developing substantial new skills via completion and training undertaken on this apprenticeship?
  • Is the apprentice new to the role or changing job roles to support their requirement of training and development?

Note: Speak to your QA Account Manager for more advice on eligibility and job role/existing staff suitability for this programme.

Apprentices need apprenticeship programmes that resonate with their day-to-day life. In keeping with this - we have innovated through technology and digital content creation to deliver a ‘high tech, high touch’ approach to blended learning.

High-quality learning content on the go. We deliver “mobile-first” education – this means learning can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device.

This programme teaches skills in:

  • The principles of business and administration
  • Communication
  • Data collection, input and analysis
  • Projects

Empowering roles like:

  • Business Administrator
  • Office Administrator
  • Admin Team Member
  • Administration Coordinator
  • Records Analyst
  • Secretary
  • Business Assistant

During the programme the learner will be required to spend 20% of time at work on off-the-job learning.

The programme follows our challenge-based learning approach, combining multiple modes of learning (such as classroom, self-paced, and practical learning), seamlessly delivered through a ‘blend’ of online and classroom learning events.

Our approach is underpinned by the latest learning theory. Learner-centric approaches (where the focus is on how people learn, rather than which technology to use) have been shown to be more effective in promoting productive learning. The advent of new technologies has fundamentally changed the way individuals create, change, share and interact with information and the way they interact with each other. Our programme addresses this with a unique blend of learning methods – hands on and engaging.

Essential to our challenge-based approach are the remote module tasks which require learners to work with their peers, tutors and mentors to learn and come up with a solution to a challenge. The cooperative and applied nature of this type of approach to training makes it perfect for learners at any stage of their career.

As part of their programme apprentices will complete:

  • Three knowledge modules introducing business fundamentals, through a combination of online learning and practical classroom workshops.
  • Online learning to support both the knowledge and competency modules, completed after each unit.

The modules below detail the topics covered by this apprenticeship.

Module 1: Value of Skills

  • Comprehend organisational structures.
  • Understand ways of working purpose and aims.
  • Recognise how their skills can help the learner to progress their career.

Module 2: External Factors

  • Understand market forces, policy, regulatory changes, supply chain and more.
  • Know the market in which the employer organisation operates.
  • Understand relevant legislation and regulation.

Module 3: Business Fundamentals

  • Appreciate the following business functions: Project Management, Business Finances and Managing Change.
  • Identify and assess stakeholders.
  • Understand stakeholder management.

Module 4: Organisations and Process

  • Appreciate the political, economic, and environmental impact on an organisation.
  • Comprehend organisational processes.
  • Understand how to identify and suggest improvements.

Module 5: Presentation and EPA Preparation

  • Recap on Modules 1-4.
  • Complete practice examination.
  • Explore presentation skills and build confidence in delivery.

There are a range of optional modules available so the programme can be tailored to suit the learner’s role and learning objectives.

For more information download the handout

NOTE: this programme is available in England. If you are based in Scotland click here (Business SQA Level 3 Apprenticeship Programme)

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