About this course

Course code TPEWM120
Duration 5 Days

The course builds on the knowledge of the basic customizing you have acquired in EWM110. After attending the class you will have a better understanding of the possibilities EWM offers in optimizing warehouse processes and integration of solutions like Quality Management and Transportation Planning.



  • EWM110 SAP Extended Warehouse Management Customizing


  • EWM100 SAP Extended Warehouse Management


  • Application Consultant
  • Program / Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • system Architect

Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand settings for complex processes like value added services, cross docking or quality management in Extended Warehouse Management. Understand the optimization of ressources and the integration of production and transportation planning.


  • Basic EWM Data Setup
    • Performing Basic EWM Data Setup
  • EWM Analytics
    • Monitoring and Analyzing the Warehouse
  • Extension of Work with Deliveries
    • Setting Up Value-Added Services
    • Setting Up Cross-Docking
    • Creating Direct Outbound Deliveries
  • Warehouse Expansion
    • Managing Shipping and Receiving
    • Setting Up the Determination of Staging Areas, Doors, and Routes
    • Planning Transportation
  • Optimization of Resources and Processes
    • Setting Up Travel Distance Calculation
    • Using Mobile Devices
    • Managing Resources
    • Optimizing Resources
    • Setting Up the Pick, Pack, and Pass Process
  • Control of Physical Movements in the Warehouse
    • Setting Up Layout-Oriented Storage Control
    • Integrating a Material Flow System
  • Integration of Manufacturing
    • Integrating Production Supply
    • Using Serial Numbers
    • Setting Up a Kit-To-Order Process
    • Using Quality Management in SAP EWM

5 Days


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