WINDOWS 8: Navigating the Start Menu

Picture of Andrew Mallett

Andrew Mallett

Andrew has been heavily involved with Novell since the early nineties when he worked as a systems administrator in Australia. Having become a Melbourne-based CNI in 1995, he quickly took a leading role with the product. Today, working for QA as a principal technologist his role within the company also permits him to work closely with Novell as a SYSOP in their Linux forums and as driving force in their education network. Andrew is noted as having achieved certification in all Novell Practicum examinations at a beta or early stage and has been certified in SUSE 8,9,10 and 11. His knowledge is not just limited to Novell products: Andrew can apply his Novell knowledge across all areas and includes certification in IBM Lotus Domino, Citrix, Microsoft, Red Hat, and Ubuntu.

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